About The Little White Lie Movement

Caren has launched a global movement called “The Little White Lie” and is asking YOU to join the movement by exposing Your Little White Lie. The Little White Lie is all about the lies we tell ourselves, as we get older and how to love the age you are in. She is asking you to say YES to sharing your stories about embracing age and your authentic self unapologetically with her community and the world. She has a lineup of guests who authentically share their Little White Lie and how they are maneuvering through a world that worships youth and shames the beautiful process of aging. Her guests share their stories, expertise, tools, and tips on how we all can embrace our authentic self, talents, and gifts and say YES to embracing our Little White Lie!


About Caren Glasser

Caren has invested the past 40+ years being of service to the community by sharing her gift of song and media. She has been produced by Rhino Records. Created 8 CD’s that focus on moving community towards hope. She has provided arts programming for the public and private schools sector in LA. Authored 4 books. And is the host of an influential WEB TV Show and The Founder of Spark It Network;

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